Winds of Winter: Is There a Surprise in Store?

When someone writes the word “Dracarys,” all the hardcore fans read it in the commanding voice of Daenerys Targaryen. The books and the show have both made an immense impact on the entertainment industry. Game of Thrones has changed the fantasy-fiction genre forever. The television series had surpassed the books and concluded on a season 8 that a lot of the fans found extremely disappointing. A large part of this disappointment comes from the fact that Daenerys’ Dragons were killed too easily. From the very moment that the dragon eggs were first introduced in the show, there had been endless chronicles of the magnificent creature’s size and strength. After all those tales about the legendary fire-spitting beasts that shared their blood with the Targaryens, it seemed unfair to have them die such one-shotted deaths.

Can Winds of Winter Do Justice to the Dragons?

There has been an exciting update on the release of George R.R. Martin’s new book. The famed author of the “A Game of Thrones” series has been using his time during this period of self-isolation to make progress on his book, Winds of Winter. This will be the sixth book in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. Since the death of Rhaegal and Viserion in the television series don’t match the storyline of Martin’s books, there is hope that the fans get a different end.

A long time ago, before any of the houses were even created, Dragons reigned over the world. Nothing has been said regarding the origin of these magnificent beasts, but it is known that Valyria was their home. The early people of Valyria harnessed the strength of these dragons and used it to conquer and create their own empires. All this came to an end with the Doom of Valyria (again, an event that not much is known about). After the Doom of Valyria, the Targaryens emerged as the blood of the dragons. It was rumored that a true Targaryen, just like the dragons, could not be destroyed by fire.

The Targaryen dragons were all eventually killed in successive wars during their attempt to conquer and rule all of Westeros. During the wars, a dragon was killed when a scorpion bolt was shot through its eye, so in theory, Rhaegal couldn’t have died the way that he did. However, Daenerys’s dragons are still alive in Martin’s books, so a lot rests on what he decides to do with them. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have a date for when Winds of Winter is coming out yet. Martin hopes that the book will be out by next year, and so do we. We also never found out what Drogon was up to when he disappeared during the series. So there’s another open-ended piece of information for you to cling on to until next year.

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