Tips for Smooth Video Conferencing Experience

Video conferencing helps save your time and increases your productivity. Due to the pandemic, many organizations have to adapt to the culture of working from home.  For smooth work-flows, organizations are relying on video conferencing. But undisruptive and proper communication requires some pre-work in video conferencing. Follow these tips to get a smooth video conferencing experience.

Smooth Internet Connection

The most crucial factor in video conferencing is a fast and smooth internet connection. Slow connection causes video disturbance and disruptive audio. If you are using a laptop, then a LAN cable will establish a stable internet connection. If you are opting for a wireless connection, make sure you use a secure connection with encryption and password protection.

Invest in a good video conferencing software

For smooth communication, make sure you use an efficient video conferencing software. You can download video conferencing software for free. While downloading, make sure you get the latest version of the software that is compatible with your operating system.

Check Time Zones

When you have participants from different countries in the video conference, consider the time zones before hosting the meeting. Picking a time that works for everyone will ensure smooth and timely communication of critical business information. Sending conference invitations without checking time zones can hinder productivity and cause chaos.

Find a suitable venue

Official video conferences need a professional setup with proper types of equipment. Having a dedicated space for business video conferencing ensures adequate and clear communication without any distractions.

Communicate the purpose of the conference

Before sending out invitations of the conference call, consider adding an agenda to it. Setting an agenda will help your participants be clearer about the purpose of the conference, and they will come with the necessary preparations.

No distractions

Taking an office conference call from home does sound comfortable, but it can be really distracting if you have other members at home. Before attending any conference call, make sure you use a secluded place to eliminate any distractions. Keeping your phone on silent mode is a good trick to avoid disturbance.

Communicated video conferencing features

If your organization is new to video conferencing, equip yourself with basic video conferencing features and communicate the same to other participants. Make sure other participants know how to mute and unmute the audio when required and check the microphones to avoid any echo-problem.

Share essential files before the call

If you have some important files to discuss on call, sharing them before the call is a good option. Sharing data between the call and asking everyone to check it can be distracting for everyone.


In this new culture of virtual meetings, attending a video conference call becomes a need of the hour. To make your video conference call successful, you need to take care of the tips mentioned above for smooth communication.  You can select from a variety of video conferencing software available as per your need and suitability.

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