Some of the Best Netflix Movies Based on True Stories

There are thousands of movies inspired by real stories, and no one can watch all the movies. If you are a movie lover, then you definitely will not want to waste your valuable time. Netflix has a bunch of amazing content, and we have listed some of the best movies inspired by real events.

The Pianist

It is a movie based on the life event of a pianist at the time of the Second World War. This movie is based on the true story of Polish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman. He is so determined that he continues to create music even during the war. The film is so inspiring, and it reveals the consequences of war. It is one of the best movies with an 8.5 IMDb rating available on Netflix.

The Pursuit Of Happyness

This movie is going to teach you some great life lessons. It is the story of a father who goes through the ups and downs of life and becomes homeless. He decides to do an unpaid internship to get the job. The movie is so emotional, and I assure you that you will definitely like it. It got an 8.0 IMDb rating.

King’s Speech

King’s Speech with 8.0 IMDb rating is a movie based on the life of George VI, the story of the film is based on friendship and how to overcome anxiety and fear of communication in front of a broad audience.

Dallas Buyers Club

The movie is based on the life story of Ron Woodroof, who was tested HIV positive in the year 1985 and got only 30 days to live. Despite this, he does not give up and starts finding ways to treat his disease, and eventually, he finds a treatment. The storyline of the movie is awesome. You should watch this movie. It got an 8.0 IMDb rating.

The Theory Of Everything

This movie is based on the memories of Stephen Hawking’s ex-wife, Jane Hawking. It is the story of the couple who faces the ups and downs of life. The movie is fully packed with emotions. IMDb rated it 7.7.


This movie is based on real-life serial killings; the story is inspired by the real-life cases of the Zodiac Killer. The movie takes you to another level of crime, and the performance of the actors is ironic. If you haven’t watched this movie, then you should watch it.

The Social Network

This movie is based on the life story of Mark Zukerberg, a 19-year-old boy who drops out of Harvard University and creates a dating app that later transforms into Facebook. It is the story of the origin of social media. Mark’s friends claim that he stole the idea of Facebook from them, and they sue him in the court that takes a dramatic turn in the story and makes you very curious.

The Photographer Of Mauthausen

This is a movie based on a real-life event of a Spanish photographer who gets imprisoned in a concentration camp in Mauthausen. The photographer collects the negatives of images of the events that happen in the concentration camps to use them against Nazis who are responsible for abuses and crimes. This movie was rated 6.7 by IMDb that will give a mind-blowing experience.

My Week With Marilyn

This is another excellent movie inspired by a true story with the 7.0 IMDb rating. The story of the movie is astonishing. In this film, there is a man named Michelle Williams, who entirely becomes Marilyn. The movie is so fascinating.

These are some fantastic Netflix movies that you should be watching. Thank you for reading the article.

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