Sega to Make a Game Gear Micro

The Japan-based Sega Corporation is going to introduce a miniaturized version of the game console. The game console is portable and known as Game Gear which is going to be much more mini than you think. The Game Gear Micro is the modified version of the handheld 8-bit system tried by Sega to overcome the Game boy of Nintendo. The video game developer company has announced the Micro version of Game Gear to celebrate its 60th anniversary. Martin Bromley and Richard Stewart founded the company in 1960 on June 3. Till now, Sega has developed several video game consoles and produced iconic video game franchises such as Total War, Sonic the Hedgehog and Yakuza. All these games not only entertained the video game players but also earned millions all across the globe. The company is considered to be the most creative producer of arcade games. It is recognized not only for the innovations and creativity but also for providing timely support to its video game consoles.

This time also Sega is trying to prove its creativity and has come with Game Gear Micro. However, not many details are yet known about the new gaming console. But the company is going to reveal various information about the latest gaming console very soon on Famitsu. Famitsu is a Japanese news outlet that provides explicit details on video games and other online gaming. According to some initial promos, it seems that the latest gaming micro gaming console will run the titles Sonic the Hedgehog. According to Famitsu, the CEO of the Sega Group, Haruki Satomi, revealed about the launch of the latest micro gaming console, Game Gear Micro in a conversation with Sega Shiro. The CEO of the company, Satomi, suddenly announced about the new micro gaming console while talking about the contents of Sega in the future.

Additionally, he revealed that the newest gaming console would be so tiny that you can hold it in your palm. Meanwhile, some initial images of the gaming console appear on its landing page. These images are revealing that gaming consoles will appear in four different colors such as black, yellow, red and blue. Moreover, the body size of the console will be 80mm in its width, 43mm in height and 20mm in depth. The latest body size of the micro gaming console will be 40 per cent less than the original gaming gear. Also, the four different colors of the gaming console will incorporate four different types of games in each variation. The games including  Sonic, Shining Force, Puyo Puyotsu and Megami Tensei will be given life on the monitor of one inch. The gaming console will be released on October 6 and will be sold to people based on first come first serve.

The latest gaming console will be released in Japan first with the initial price of $46 or 4980 yen. The company has decided to innovate the gaming consoles and come out with the latest Game gear Micro to beat the Game boy launched by Nintendo. Game Boy has more exceptional technical capabilities which have not been yet challenged by the gaming products of any company.  It will be interesting to see the launch of the tiniest gaming console of Sega.

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