How To Play Android Games Using A Computer

Advanced technology is changing the world faster by making things affordable and accessible to everyone. Meanwhile, the gaming industry is growing with increased tech stuff usage, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Game development companies are launching different types of games every year.   

Further, smartphone gaming has become popular nowadays. A large number of players use their smartphones to play games. If you are the one who loves playing games on the phone, here is something good for you. Today, you will learn how to play Android games on a computer. You can take advantage of emulators to play an Android game on a PC. Playing Android games on computers offer several benefits. 

Mainly, a gamer faces problems in navigating the game using the phone’s touchscreen. And a PC eliminates this problem because you get several convenient tools to navigate a game comfortably on a PC, like a keyboard, mouse, and controller. You also get faster frame rates while playing a game on a computer. Moreover, we have included the top emulators that will help you play Android games on your computer.  

Bluestacks 4/MSI App Player

Bluestacks is one of the best emulators. Most gamers use it to play Android games on computers. It works better after its latest update. 

How to get started with Bluestacks?

You can get started with Bluestacks by downloading and installing it from the main website. The latest version of it is Bluestacs 4, which runs on Android 7.0 Nougat. If you think this Android version is not new, please note that it is the best version to run this emulator. You will not have any problem running other apps while using Bluestacks on your PC.

You can find the app on Google Play Store. So, download and launch the app. After you launch the app, you get a Game Center with many recommendations. You can also try the MSI App Player emulator developed by Bluestacks. 


You can customize gaming control and keyboard mapping for a better gaming experience. You get built-in modes that will help you in shooting and MOBA. You can also play a game through different accounts. Bluestacks provide many instances to play games without any confusion. You can play games using different resolutions from qHD to Quad HD. You can adjust the DPI from 160 to 320. This emulator doesn’t take more time to load. It loads quickly. But the game launch may take time.  

Nox Player

Nox Player is the second-best emulator and widely used as an alternative to Bluestacks. It combines many features like Bluestacks. It also uses Android 7.0 Nougat and is available on Google Play Store. 

How to get started with Nox Player?

Start by downloading and installing it from the Play Store. Its interface is like an Android tablet. The interface appears with pre-set apps and proper navigation keys. Under the Tools section of the app, Google Play is available to download anything else. 


Nox Player doesn’t have features like Bluestacks. It also has multi-instances to play games with ease. You can also map the keyboard as per gaming requirements. It doesn’t provide pre-loaded profiles like Bluestacks, so you will need to begin from scratch. It also doesn’t compete with Bluestacks in terms of screen resolution. It requires a long time to complete the loading but launches in no time.


The old name of Gameloop in Tencent Gaming Buddy. This emulator has also been used officially for PUBG Mobile. 

How to get started with Gameloop?  

Like the above two emulators, you can get started with Gameloop by downloading and installing it. It also provides a Game Center that combines excellent recommendations. You also get options such as Whatsapp, YouTube, etc. You can’t use Google Play Store easily. 


Gameloop doesn’t have multi-instance features. After loading the app, a non-cheating mode is turned on automatically. You get the typical features, including capturing a screenshot, recording screen, and customizing the keyboard. If we talk about the screen resolution, Gameloop provides a resolution of 1280×720. You can use DPI from 160 to 480. It doesn’t need more from the system to complete the installation. The gaming performance is good. The loading time may vary as per game type. 

This post has included four emulators. They are Bluestacks 4, MSI App Player, Nox Player, and Gameloop. All have some pros and cons. But most people use Bluestacks and MSI App Player to play Android games on PCs. You can go with Gameloop to play PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile. The gaming experience depends on the type of computer.  

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