Best Background Erasing Apps for Android & iOS

Not just a smiling face but background also matters when you are going to post a pic on a social media site. An improper background may ruin the whole picture. To help remove unwanted background from a picture, here is the list of the best background eraser apps that may be of great help to you. These apps will surely help you when you need to remove unwanted background from an image like a pro. Just take a glance at these best background eraser apps.

Background Remover Pro

If you have mistakenly taken a picture of your right pose at a wrong site, you are likely to regret doing so because you can’t post the pic on social media sites owing to the unwanted background that was clicked unknowingly. There is no need to worry as Background Remover Pro makes it easy for anyone to remove the background. You can easily remove the unwanted background of your picture manually. You can smoothen edges so that it appears better. Background Eraser Pro is the best app that stands out from others when it comes to removing the background. You should give it a try as it is the choice of many guys too.

Knockout-Background Eraser

The background eraser app is really awesome. With the help of this great eraser app, you can simply remove the specific area of a picture. All you have to do is just choose the part you want to remove. The app will do the rest.  The app automatically detects the area around and removes it quickly. Knockout-Background Eraser is not just limited to a background eraser app. This amazing app has hundreds of filters that may enhance your picture and make it look more beautiful. Whether you are an iOS user or an Android user, the app is available for both. The app is more than you may think of it. Give it a try and know how useful it is.

Cut Out

On the list of the best background eraser apps is Cut out. The great app lets you remove the background from any image. It works with the help of Lasso eraser. You can remove the part you want to not remain in the picture. Just simply choose the area you want to not appear in the picture and Cut Out will detect it by itself and remove it. Apart from this, It allows you to write texts on pictures so that you can post a pic with a slogan and your favorite quotes. The app is really fabulous and works great. Cut Out is the best app that does the excellent of removing the background and that too in an easy way.


It’s time to have a look at Magicut. Magicut is a good application that helps you erase background in the blink of an eye. With its useful tools, you can write texts on an image and add emojis to a picture. With the help of Magicut, you can remove the background manually. The app really works great and is up to users’ expectations. Scores of guys put Magicut to their use in order to remove a background. It is a superb background eraser app that you can use to erase the background of an image.

All these apps above are professionally used and work up to expectations. It is probable all these apps will suit your needs.

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